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Tashi Gongphel Handmade Paper Factory

In Bhutan, there is a unique kind of paper used for woodblock and manuscript books, and for writing prayers and mantras by Buddhist monasteries. The special paper is called Dehsho, and is handmade with traditional methods, which are still applied until today.

At the Tashi Gongphel handmade paper factory, you can observe the fascinating process of Dehsho paper making. The factory is located at Dopshari, 3km from Paro town and on the way to the National Museum of Paro and Paro Rinpung Dzong.

Starting with the barks of the Daphne and Dhekap trees, the complicated procedure consists of many steps to create the fine Dehsho paper. The methods have been passed down through generations and the art of Dehsho paper making has become a crucial part of Bhutanese culture, which you will learn once you visit the factory.

You will also have the chance to try making Dehsho paper yourself and find in here booklet, postcard, bags, wall hangings, packing box, envelops, greetings cards, wishing cards, note cards, etc, all exclusively created with Bhutan’s special handmade paper.