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Druk Siddhi Tours
P.O. Box 1930
Thimphu: Bhutan

About Druk Siddhi Tours

Druk Siddhi Tours can be translated as Bhutan Accomplishment Tours. Druk means Bhutan the Dragon Kingdom and Siddhi is a Sanskrit term for accomplishment.

We are dedicated to provide you with personal, caring and expert service according to your specific requirements through honest, impartial and transparent manner. Importantly we are a socially and environmentally responsible travel solution provider. Here we are trying to take forward the various contribution made by our founder to eco-tourism cause during his Bhutan government job (19 years) as a socio-economist, forester, wild lifer and eco-tourism planner.

As such we adopted our tagline as “Happiness Through Ecotourism” with the objective of achieving happiness by accomplishing our guest’s travel needs as well as benefit the local people and the environment.


Eco-adventure in Royal Manas National Park - a low carbon destination


In Bhutan, there is no place as perfect as Royal Manas National Park located adjacent to the Indian Manas providing a better eco-adventure avenues. The park presents the rich biodiversity as well as spectacular landscape, eye catching lush valley and rivers, immense scenic beauty, unique culture and lifestyle.
The various Community Based Ecotourism Groups in Royal Manas National Park (RMNP) offer eco adventure activities such as river rafting, wildlife viewing, birds viewing, story telling, cultural performances, etc. Infact our founder was crucial in developing Community Based Ecotourism in RMNP.
At the end, you will feel satisfied for you have chosen one of the low carbon destinations, and you have contributed to the Community by using various community services. Importantly, your carbon footprints will have offsetted.

- Camp in eco-lodges
- Wildlife sightings
- Rafting
- Elephant safari
- Boating
- Hiking

Places to Visit

Day 1: Paro arrival and transfer to Thimphu
Day 2: Thimphu
Day 3: Punakha
Day 4: Trongsa
Day 5: Berti Ecolodge
Day 6: Pantang Ecolodge
Day 7: Panbang Ecolodge
Day 8: Visit Manas Park
Day 9: Gelephug
Day 10: Tsirang
Day 11: Paro Taktsang and/or Chelela
Day 12: Paro
For details on itinerary and customization, please contact [email protected]

Tour Duration

12 Days