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Above Travellers restaurant
Tshongdue Paro

About Trophel Tours & Treks

Operating since 2007, Trophel Tours & Treks is essentially a family run business managed by Chencho, Sonam and Pem ( Father, daughter, and son). Wondering about ‘MOTHER’ Well! her ( Lalita) hands are full managing the local restaurant Sonam Trophel Paro.

Our USP is we are extremely passionate about BHUTAN and simply want our clients to experience Bhutan, as we LOCALs do #NOFILTER. Being a Bhutan based travel agency, focused on curating authentic tailor-made holidays to Bhutan, authenticity and sustainability are key to our travel programs. Our trips are an opportunity to meet and connect with local people and to forge lifelong friendships. Every itinerary is thoroughly vetted from our personal local experience on the ground and it encourages you to become an engaged traveler through interactions with the local communities. Our philosophy is a simple one; to offer you the best possible local tour experience and contribute to the development of local Bhutanese communities. We understand the only way to achieve this is to have a genuine local expert guide you and curate a holiday around your interests, needs, and budget and with total commitment to quality.

We encourage you to travel to Bhutan sustainably. Some of our Bhutan tours are aligned with local NGOs such as Youth Development Fund (support for underprivileged youths) and Maya Foundation (Animal rehabilitations). Through your tours to Bhutan, you have the opportunity to make a significant difference to local communities – For more details inquire with us. Thank you for taking the time to through our website. We hope the information provided has been helpful and will assist you in your Bhutan travel.


Honeymoon with a ceremonial Buddhist wedding blessing


Bhutanese wedding is profound experience and commemorates the celestial union of mind, body and soul of two people. More than just a simple exchange of vows and rings, it entails conducting, set of religious rituals by monks as per Buddhist norms. This rituals signifies the important of bond between partners and importantly bestows upon them the protecting and blessing of Gurus and sentient beings, for a life time of love and happiness. The wedding is purely ceremonial and takes place at a temple in Paro.

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14 Days