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Cultural Fabric

Autumn 2022


Latest + Long reads

An anatomy of the new national brand - Bhutan Believe

“Those who seek us out are called here. Arriving as guests, you become our partners in this transformative moment and make a meaningful contribution towards preserving what is priceless.”

Bhutan’s Sustainable Development Fee

Read more about the purpose of the SDF, and learn where the money goes and how it is spent.

The Bhutanese Way of Life

What are the secrets to leading a life filled with compassion and contentment?

Reaching for The Stars

The practice of looking to the stars has long shaped Bhutan’s unfolding story, and now, with the first space programme well underway, it continues to drive the kingdom’s progress.

Family-Friendly Activities to Enjoy in Bhutan

18 fun things for families to do in Bhutan!

Discover Bhutan's FESTIVALS

Filled with rich culture and heritage, Bhutan is home to a number of festivals, with festive spirit deeply imprinted in people’s hearts and souls.

Precious Stones

In bathhouses across the kingdom, guests are discovering the therapeutic practice and restorative pleasure of aromatic hot-stone bathing.

The incense maker of Thimphu

Making incense is as much a ritual as burning it. In Thimphu, one family produces it to exacting religious and olfactory standards.

Rich Pickings

Find out why fungi is one of Bhutan’s most valuable natural assets: from supporting forest ecosystems to powering villages – and helicopters.

Cultural Fabric

A centuries-old part of Bhutan’s heritage, the art of textile production has never been more relevant or vibrant, as a new generation is discovering.