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Jomolhari Laya Gasa Trek-- Trekking in Bhutan


Trip length: 17 Nights 18 Days
Activity type: Cultural sightseeing, Village Tour, Homestay, Trekking and Day Hikes.
Trek Grade: Medium-Hard
Best Seasons: April-June and Mid-September-Mid-November.

Trip Overview:

You will travel through remote mountain villages inhabited by Layap's a distinct segments of Bhutanese society with unique culture, traditions and appearance..

Outline Itinerary:

Day 01 : Arrive Paro.
Day 02 : Paro(Acclimatization Hike to Tiger’s Nest Monastery)

Day 03 : Drukgyal Dzong- Shana (Trek starts)
DISTANCE 15KMS | Time: 5hrs.| Ascent: 310m | Decent: 80m| Altitude: 2580m-2890m

Day 04 : Shana-Soi Thangthanka
DISTANCE 22KMS | Time: 6-8hrs.| Ascent: 685m | Decent: 0m| Altitude: 2890m-3575m

Day 05 : Soi Thangthanka- Jangothang(Jomolhari Base camp)
DISTANCE 17KMS | Time: 4-6hrs.| Ascent: 469m | Decent: 0m| Altitude: 3575m-4044m

Day 06 : Jangothang(Jomolhari Base camp) Rest Day

Day 07 : Jangothang-Lingshi
DISTANCE 21KMS | Time: 5-6hrs.| Ascent: 845m | Decent: 880m| Altitude: 4044m-4890m

Day 08 : Lingshi-Chebisa
DISTANCE 16KMS | Time: 3-4hrs.| Ascent: | Decent: | Altitude: 4809m-3990m

Day 09 : Chebisa-Shakyapang
DISTANCE 14KMS | Time: 5| Ascent: 450m | Decent: 440m| Altitude: 3990m-4000m

Day 10 : Shakyapang-Robluthang
DISTANCE 16KMS | Time: 7-8hrs.| Ascent: 160m | Decent: 785m| Altitude: 4000m-4160m

Day 11 : Robluthang-Limithang
DISTANCE 14KMS | Time: 6-7hrs.| Ascent: 840m | Decent: 840m| Altitude: 4160m-4160m

Day 12 : Limithang- Laya
DISTANCE 9KMS | Time: 4hrs.| Ascent: few small climb | Decent: 360m| Altitude: 4160m-3800m

Day 13 : Laya( Rest day)
DISTANCE 00KMS | Time: 00hrs.| Ascent: 00m | Decent: m| Altitude: 3800m-3800m

Day 14 : Laya-Koina
DISTANCE 16KMS | Time: 6hrs.| Ascent: 0m | Decent: 560m| Altitude: 3800m-3240m

Day 15 : Koina-Gasa(Trek Ends)
DISTANCE 12KMS | Time: 6hrs.| Ascent: 660m | Decent: 1680m| Altitude: 3240m-2850m

Day 16 : Gasa-Punakha
Day 17 : Punakha-Thimphu
Day 18 : Thimphu-Paro-Depart

Contact local agent at [email protected] for detailed itinerary.

Places to Visit

Paro, Thimphu, Gasa, Laya, Punakha( Western Bhutan)

Tour Duration

18 Days