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PO # 1921
Norzin Lam
Thimphu Bhutan

About Arcadia Bhutan Travels

Acadia Bhutan Travels is a licensed local-tour-operator in Bhutan.
We disseminate the seed of happiness in traveler’s nature.


Mesmerising and Happiness, Bhutan


Welcome to the land of happiness!

Bhutan is a mesmerising, hospitable, vibrant and colorful country. The peacefulness of Bhutan’s traditions flourishes in harmony with nature, residents and visitors alike - at tranquility unlike any other permeates the air and every being that breathes it. We design the itinerary that meets your interests and preferences.

The sights and things we include;

Handmade Paper Factory.
Farmers market.
The largest statues of Buddha in the world.
Takin, the national animal of Bhutan.
A living museum and a studio.
To see panoramic view of Himalayan ranges.
15th century temple of fertility
The palace of great happiness or bliss, Punakha Dzong.
Bhutan’s most iconic landmark and religious site, the Tiger-nest.

Places to Visit

DAY-01 Arrive in Paro - Thimphu (Elevation 2,300m | Drive time 01 hours)
DAY-02 Thimphu (Elevation 2,300m)
DAY-03 Thimphu – Punakha (Elevation 1,300m | Drive time 02 hours)
DAY-04 Punakha (Elevation 1,300m)
DAY-05 Punakha – Paro (Elevation 2,200m | Drive time 04hours)
DAY-06 Paro (Elevation 2,200m)
DAY-07 Departure

Tour Duration

7 Days