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Jangchub Lam , Thim Throm Thimphu

About Samanthabadra Tours and Travels

Samanthabadra Tours and Travels your guide and host in Bhutan specializes in 5 days, 8 days and 11 days sightseeing tours as well as a nature trekking. We make sure that our valuable guest enjoys the nature and sights that are fast disappearing from this technological era that we are all losing ourselves in.


6 Nights Wellness Tour


This is a specially designed tour package for the purpose of promoting health and wellness during travel. Many people do not feel healthy when traveling due to jet lag, missing sleep, unhealthy meals and disrupted exercise routines even when the purpose of vacation is to unwind. So our wellness tour is planned with intent to enhance, maintain, or start one’s overall well-being during your trip to Bhutan . It specifically designed tour package for those who are seeking a meaningful journey with a sense of wellbeing.. As your wellness travel partner; we seamlessly create your ideal wellness tour, an absolutely customized package where tour and wellness go together to bring balance and beauty into your life. Our goal is to give you a vacation that sends you home feeling better than when you left.
During this tour we will take you to monasteries , short hikes where you can interact with monks and interact with nature.

Places to Visit

DAY 1: PARO (2250m) - THIMPHU (2300 m) 65KM/APPROX 1HR
DAY 2: THIMPHU (2300m)
DAY 3: THIMPHU (2300 m)- PUNAKHA (1310M) Approx 3hr drive 65 KM
DAY 4: PUNAKHA (1310M) - THIMPHU (2300 m) Approx 3hr drive 65 KM
DAY 5: THIMPHU (2300 m)
DAY 6: THIMPHU (2300 m)- PARO (2250 m) - Taktsang (Tiger's nest monastery) 4-5 hrs
DAY 7: DEPARTURE (Paro International Airport)

Tour Duration

7 Days