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About Bhutan Bountiful Tours

Bhutan Bountiful Tours is a registered tour and travel firm. It is one of the tour & travel offices with the latest ideology and innovation sales packages making successful travel holiday in Bhutan. The vision of the office is to fulfill dream of a traveler through our continuous research and survey preparing a fabulous product of diversities all the time.

Working professionals are friendly and fully equipped to cater the services at any time and spaces. Cultural tour, trekking, nature tour, bird watching, Wine tasting of the villages, educational tour for the student, pilgrimage and many other activities are handled with utmost care and dedication.

Our service is at your disposal.


Festival and cultural tour


Dear all,
Plan from now to go Bhutan as great festivals are closer. September, October, November and December (Autumn and Winter seasons) are fabulous months with various events to witness about the history and culture of Bhutan through festivals. It is with a pleasant weather to visit Bhutan and spend your holidays with utmost services from Bhutan Bountiful Tours.

Places to Visit

All western Bhutan including capital Thimphu till central Bhutan and its return

Tour Duration

10 Days